Lure obsessed anglers


My Season screen

Fatsack is your space to organize lures, track which lures work best for you and share personalized catch and lure stats to social.

Your lures up close - and personal.

Lure Specs

Quantity available, catches made with this lure, length, weight and location in the tackle box.

Ratings and Notes

A record of what worked great - or didn’t - for next time.

Species Recommendation

Driven by personal catch data as you use the app.


Your best bites in photos, linked to specific lures!

Lure screen detail

Ultimate lure organizer and fishing analytics

Organize your lures by type and fish species.
Wonder which lures perform best for a particular species? Wonder no more.
Track which lures make for great all around days on the water.
Organized by a growing list of fish species…
List of lures screen
…. and lure types.

Your sharable stats!

Personalized with your fishing club logo and custom backgrounds

Screen showing camo background
How the screen shows on Instagram

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